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Sunday, December 28, The Simplicity of Radio In addition to applause cards detailed in the preceding post , each s Crosley radio came with an page book titled The Simplicity of Radio.

Haldeman-Julius was an unusual publisher, a socialist activist who began publishing classic literature in , intent on educating Americans. He also published non-fiction books written by experts on a wide variety of subjects, with titles like Typewriting Self-Taught and The Case for Birth Control. They were immensely popular; more than ,, Little Blue Books were sold in the s alone.

Powel, a voracious reader, had seen many of these editions and knew that they received wide distribution. Haldeman-Julius routinely solicited new works even though most of his titles were reprints , and Powel contacted him about publishing The Simplicity of Radio.

Powel reasoned, correctly, that radio being a new subject of great interest, Haldeman-Julius would want to publish his booklet. Moorish Pattern Variable-body Moorish Tiles. Brick Layout Bricks and Beadwork. Inverted Grid White Lines on a Color.

Iso-Dots Even rows are offset. Line Dots Belt and Suspenders. Public domain Public domain false false.

File:Log paper. Stacked Quarters Divided in half twice. Music Staves X Lines per Staff.

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This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. New Music Updates in cxrta inbox! If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file.

Countless people in the area still choose to receive free local television service over the air using the ubiquitous rabbit ears, or a roof mounted antenna. Starting at midnight, February 17, , all of these will cease to function as they presently do as all full power television stations in the United States must cease their current analog TV transmissions, and switch to all digital broadcasting.

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Low power TV stations will be phasing in digital service, but likely at a later date. Those of us who currently receive over the air local TV will be unable to receive the new digital broadcasts unless we download a digital-to-analog converter box, download a TV with a digital tuner, or subscribe to a cable or satellite TV service.

Without exercising one of those three choices, we will be without television service in a year. I will be personally affected because my battery TV is analog, and all of the converter boxes I have looked at require a power connection, and will not run on batteries. My radios will no longer pick up the audio broadcasts from the television stations, as they will no longer be broadcast in analog.

Congress and the FCC have required television broadcasters to transition to a digital signal to both provide additional benefits to consumers, but to also free up the radio spectrum to provide for additional emergency frequencies.

These frequencies will be used by police and fire departments, with the balance of the spectrum thus freed to be auctioned off by the FCC for other wireless services, with the proceeds going to the federal government.Satellite subscribers may need new DTV equipment to receive and view high definition digital programming.

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The existing TV antenna connects to the converter box, and the converter box is connected to the TV and a power source. Perspective Single Point Vanishing Perspective. The documents generated here are considered to be in the Public Domain. The converter boxes are supposed to be easy to install, and will easily plug into the TV set.

It should be noted that coupons expire 90 days after they are mailed, so they must be utilized in a timely manner.